Mode work hot-swapper 100k

Mode work hot-swapper 100k

M1 series Features and High efficiency up to 94.5% with Flexible configuration, can be configured to 1/1, 3/1, 3/3, 1/3 has Dual power supplies and Remote monitor.


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IDC(internet data center), ISP, computer room, service room,financial industry, Government and commercial project, Production line, security system, hospital. BKH-M1 series modular ups power range 10KVA-120KVA, can be configured to 1P/1P, 3P/1P, 3P/3P, 1P/3P without derating. With the latest IGBT technology, combine with our concepts of green, environment protection, energy saving and state-of the-art design based on our independent R&D of hot-swappable technology, technical index belongs to first class.

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